Sex and Other Disturbances (2M, 3W)


Portland Stage – Portland, ME – May 1-May 20, 2018


It’s the fall of 2018 and a storm with no end is pummeling Manhattan and so are a variety of extreme midlife crises for the characters in Sex and other Disturbances. When your husband is too busy buying cabins in Newfoundland for the apocalypse, what’s the harm in having a little affair? Sarah, a former actress and now stay-at-home Mom and woman on the verge, finds out the hard way in this fast-paced comedy about friendship, love, sex, and other disturbances.


The Portland Stage premiere explores messy mid-lives with a light touch. With likable characters and ample laughs, it asks some not-so-simple questions in an entertaining way

- Portland Press Herald, Steve Fenney, May 7th, 2018

…Marisa Smith’s genial farce could well command the rom-com slot  virtually every regional theater in the world yearns to fill.

– The Arts Fuse, David Greenham, May 6, 2018

Sex and Other Disturbances is a lively spring romp.

– Phoenix Arts Theater, Megan Grumbling, May 17th, 2018